Voicemail on desk phones

CEU IT Department provides voicemail service for all users who have a private extension number in our telephone system.

A red light is visible on the receiver and a message appears on the display if you have a voicemail message. To reach your voicemail, please press the applications menu (globe) button / messages (envelope) button (depending on phone model) and follow instructions.
By default, the PIN code is '12345'. At first use, please change your PIN code to your personal choice.

Additionally, the voicemail service is available from outside the CEU by dialing the following number on your telephone: 327-3000, extension 8989. You will need to provide your own extension number before being asked for your PIN code, otherwise this works the same way as it does when dialed from inside the campus.

For further information please refer to the User guide for the VoiceMail system pdf document, which can be found among the downloadable files at http://www.it.ceu.edu/documents.