Change in the way of authentication to various CEU IT services

Submitted by ITDepartment on Thu, 2017-08-31 16:04

As part of the necessary next steps to discontinue our legacy service system, Novell, and prepare for ’single-sign on’ for all CEU servics, the user name / password based authentication to various CEU IT services will change to your Microsoft credentials.
Effective as of Monday, 4th September, 8 a.m. login to the following services will require your Microsoft password and username (they will no longer be accessible with your Novell credentials) - this includes from your laptop, smartphone, etc.:
·                 WiFi
·                 printing from private laptops
·                 VPN (
·                 Moodle (
·                 CEU room booking system (
·                 email spam quarantine (
Novell login will only remain for signing in to CEU computers, connecting to network drives through FTP, and signing into CEU websites that have used Novell previously. The web team will notify you when Microsoft login is available for CEU websites.
As a reminder, your username (in Microsoft and Novell) is always - your email address, excluding the 
Please note that as a consequence of this change, you might need to take the following actions:
·         re-enter your password on devices that are using CEU WiFi
·         re-enter your password on your laptop's iPrint client
·         Re-enter your password for the web-based CEU services, if your web browser was set to remember login information
Although not required at this time, If you would like to change your Microsoft password, it can be changed directly on
 this page, or by starting signing in to Office 365 through
In case you need any assistance, please always turn to our helpdesk:
·         phone: ext. 2000
·         email: