What is migrated from Groupwise and what is not

Most items have been migrated from your Groupwise mailbox to Outlook, but there are some special items that have not. Below you can find a detailed list.

What have been migrated?
  • mail items from the online mailbox, including the custom category marks
  • mail folders, both the structure and the mails in them

Note that after the migration these folders will appear at two different places: 

- Received messages in the folder structure same level as Inbox is, 

- Sent messages in the folder structure under Outlook's Sent items folder.

You will need to merge these folders manually.

  • archived mails - if you have Groupwise Archive and requested to migrate it. 
  • Note that migration of your Archive will happen about a week, you will just see that a folder named ’Archived mail’ appeared within your folders.
  • content of shared email folders where you are the owner 
  • all calendar items 
  • tasks created from calendar items with their due date
What have NOT been migrated?
  • content of shared folders owned by others - even though those folders were shared with you in Groupwise, the owners need to re-share them in Outlook
  • signature - it needs to be set manually in Outlook, see What are the differences compared to Groupwise
  • custom rules (e.g. for automatically filtering messages to folders)
  • user defined subjects of emails (called "Personalize" in GW)
  • emails from 'Junk mail', 'Trash' and the original 'Work in progress' folders 
  • items from Tasklist folder that were not coming from Calendar items
  • proxy rights to mailboxes that are still in Groupwise
  • BC recipients of sent messages (BC fields of sent messages)


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