Microsoft Implementation Project details

As many of you know, we have been considering the replacement of our current IT services provider Novell for some time. Following a review of alternative systems and consultations with CEU community representatives, we are very pleased to announce that we have selected to replace Novell-based services (e.g. email, file services), with Microsoft Office365.  A state-of-the-art system, Microsoft Office365 will serve to both upgrade the current services provided by Novell and to expand the functionality and userability for needs identified within the CEU community (e.g. real-time sharing of documents, internal messenger system, etc). 
The transition to Microsoft Office365 will take place over the course of the coming academic year. You will be receiving regular updates on transition planning from Szilard Bedecs, Director of IT. 



Dear All,

I would like to provide an update on the Microsoft implementation project announced in the attached e-mail from the President at CEU. The implementation of this new service takes place over the course of Academic Year 15/16 in three phases.   

Phase I: At this point, we are close to the end of the first phase, in which the IT Department has provided Office 365 packages for all new coming students starting their studies this September. This new package offers - amongst others - cloud based e-mail service with a 50 GB mailbox and cloud based personal storage space (OneDrive) with 1000 GB. All student addresses are accessible in GroupWise directory, so you can reach them via e-mail the regular way. The newly created student lists (CEU_MA_Student_2015_2016 and CEU_PHD_Student_2015_2016) also contain all continuing and incoming student addresses.

New students have received this information booklet, IT Department has created an information site on the newly available services, and this information has been presented on their IT orientations.

Students participating in two-year programs will remain on the email/storage platform they have used for their first year to avoid inconveniences caused by the platform change.

Phase II: During fall 2015, we will start phase two of the project – testing and refining the system for CEU community-wide use. To facilitate this test period, we will be appointing an Office 365 Working Group, who will move on to the new system in order to help review and trial the various services and provide recommendations for how best to tailor for CEU’s use.  Additionally, if anyone is interested in being an early adopter of Office 365, we will offer the opportunity to switch on to the new service.  As part of the responsibility of being an early adopter, we will ask all participants for regular feedback on their experiences.  If anyone is interested in serving as an early adopter, please write to me directly. The goal is for these groups to begin working at the end of September and conclude by the end of the calendar year, when we will then progress to the third phase of the project.

Phase III: Finally, based on the best practices identified by the Working Group, we will gradually transition all faculty, staff and PhD student mailboxes to the new system, through an individual-based consultation and training process, during the rest of AY 2015/16.
I am very pleased to announce that the Working Group - customizing the new Office 365 system - will be coordinated by Zoltan Bagyon.  We will continue to keep you updated on this transition as it progresses.  Should you have any questions regarding the Microsoft implementation project, please contact


Szilard Bedecs