CEU T-Mobile employment plan (dolgozói konstrukció)


We are happy to inform you that the new contract between CEU and T-Mobile is active and offers advantageous deals to individual CEU employees. If you are interested please read the following:

*the two main differences between the previous contract and the present are the following: within different mobile providers during peak time/non peak time/weekdays/weekends the rate became 19 HUF instead of 20 HUF. Smaller data packages are now available, please see the details below.

The employment plan (dolgozói konstrukció) offers more favorable fees, minute rates and contract terms than the commercial plans at T-Mobile.

Please note that employees at KEE (Közép-Európai Egyetem), Közép-Európai Egyetem Kft., CEU Oktatási Szolgáltató Közhasznú Nonprofit Kft. and Közép-Európai Egyetem Alapitvány are eligible for requesting the employment plan. (Members of the community having assignment contracts and grantees are unfortunately not entitled to receive these benefits.)

The following excel sheet contains all the information about the packages and fees concerning the employment plan of T-Mobile. (This information was copied from the current contract between CEU and T-Mobile, so if you happen to need more information or more details about the employment plan please get in contact with T-Mobile. You can find all the contact information (email address, telephone numbers, T-Pont shops) at this address)
If you wish to take advantage of this possibility we would like to point out the following:

  • You will need to manage your purchasing process privately, in person in a T-Pont. The contract(s) will be under your name and invoices will be billed to your home address, CEU does not take any part neither in the administrative nor the financial process of the employment plan.
  • Within the employment plan employees are entitled to purchase maximum 4 subscriptions out of which they can take over maximum one of their already existing T-Mobile subscription. Subscription/Number portability from other mobile network providers (Vodafone and Telenor)and 'Domino' (pre-paid cards) are ranked as purchasing new subscriptions.
  • You will need an employment certificate from HRO (not older than 30 days)
  • Having your employment certificate you will have to go to a T-Point with the following documents:
    • employment certification from CEU's HRO
    • identity card
    • any other personal document (driver's license, tax card, social security card)