Transition Details for

Submitted by ITDepartment on Mon, 2015-02-09 16:52

The transition to will occur on our website and across all email addresses.Read more

Planned changes to the CEU WIFI system

Submitted by ITDepartment on Fri, 2014-12-12 16:37

We are happy to announce that a large-scale overall WiFi system upgrade is currently being implemented by the IT Department to increase coverage, speed and security. This upgrade includes replacing our current WiFi controller, and installing 80 additional access points around campus.Read more

Replacement of CEU's spam filter

As you probably know CEU has been using an open-source spam filter solution for the past few years. It has been a good option from financial perspective being open-source, and also it was very flexible and efficient most of the times.Read more

Next step in implementing new mass-email policy

Submitted by ITDepartment on Mon, 2012-04-02 10:03

CEU is taking the next step in a process we began last fall to create better channels of communication for use by members of our university community. An earlier step was to create Discuss@CEU (, an online forum for informal communication among faculty, students, and staff.Read more

Recycled paper in CEU printers

Dear All,

Following a proposal of CEU Sustainability Committee we have implemented the usage of environmental friendly, 100% recycled A4 paper in CEU printers and photocopiers.Read more

New Printing System

Dear Students,
this is to inform you that IT Department have implemented the same printing and copying system in the Business School that is used on the main campus.Read more

Welcome New Students

IT Deparment welcomes all new students of CEU. You receive your computer account details and  information on CEU IT services at the IT orientation. The orientation booklet can also be downloaded from: the Documents section of the IT Department's website.Read more

Secure versions of E-mail client connections

Dear All,

Let me inform you that the port which should be used for secure outgoing e-mail server connection has now been changed to port 465 to support a more secure SSL connection. Please adjust this setting in your e-mail client if you use for the outgoing mail server.Read more

New IP Telephones

Dear All,

I am glad to inform you that IT Department has successfully finished the replacement of CEU telephone system and office phone devices during the winter break. Read more

Recent IT news

Dear All,
I would like to inform you what have happened at the IT Department during the last couple of months, and what our future plans are.
 Read more

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