New Wireless covered area in Nador 11

Dear All,
Please be informed that we have installed a new Wireless Access Point on 2th floor of Nador 11 building.
As a result of this installation, most parts of Nador 11 building's lower floors have wifi coverage, it also covers the inner court on ground floor in front of room 006. Anyone can use their laptops with wifi card to connect to the network, and to the Internet.
Since it covers some part of the Nador street also we had to password-protect the network, but once you save it as a profile on your laptop, it will remember the settings.
The name of the network is : 'LAPTOP_AREA_N11'
The password to the network is : 'nador11access'
Other wifi covered areas at the moment:
Network name: LAPTOP_AREA with no password
- Nádor 9 main entrance, called Octagon
- Library
- Japanese garden
- Cafe bar Monument Building -1 level
Network name: 'LAPTOP_AREA_Z14'  password  'zrinyi14access'
- on all CEU floors of Zrinyi 14 building.
I am kindly asking you about your ideas on what other areas you would like to have wifi coverage on campus in the near future. You can answer me directly to this e-mail.
Thank you for your cooperation,
Laszlo Szalai