First steps after the migration from Groupwise

With Office 365, we are replacing primarily two services: Novell Groupwise for emailing, and the so called P: drive for storing personal documents.

Microsoft's email system which is integrated into Office 365 is called Exchange, which can be accessed through the desktop- and web based versions of Outlook.
Please find the time to complete your Outlook setup with the following steps: 
     Note that:
   - if you are owner of shared folders, you need to re-share them (how-to video)
   - if you had access to common mailboxes, you need to set the access to them (how-to video)
2. You might also want to check this article: What are the differences compared to Groupwise
3.  If needed, merge your folders migrated from Groupwise. After your migration is completed and you have all your Groupwise content in Outlook, these folders will appear at two different places: 
   - Received messages in the folder structure same level as Inbox is, 
   - Sent messages in the folder structure under Outlook's Sent items folder.
   You will need to merge these folders manually
4.  If you have set your private smartphone / tablet / laptop for getting CEU mails, you will need to remove those accounts that are configured for Groupwise, and set up the new access accordingly
5. Set your signature
6. It's a good idea to setup your Office 365 profile
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