Update on CEU's Office 365 Migration plans

Submitted by ITDepartment on Tue, 2016-02-02 12:32

After much preliminary groundwork with our early adopter group, we at IT are now ready to begin phase #3 of the Microsoft Office 365 implementation project, which involves migrating all faculty, staff and PhD students at CEU to the new Microsoft Office 365 system - a process that should be complete by the end of this academic year.

In phase #1 of the project we established the technical background of the Microsoft Office 365 based email- and collaboration environment and its connection to the existing CEU system. About 850 new students started using these new services in September.
In phase #2 starting in October 2015, early adopter working groups consisting of 8 faculty members, 52 staff volunteers and 33 IT Department colleagues tested the new services, identified best practices and fine-tuned the system. In this phase we tested email- and data migration technologies and procedures, and developed a migration method and workflow that ensures that no data (email, calendar item, contact information, attachments, formatting) is lost.
As you know, the new system will offer not only a robust, state-of-the-art e-mail system, but also significantly greater storage space for e-mails and documents, powerful collaboration possibilities and accessibility on a variety of devices. In order to start using the new system, we will support you through a migration process that transfers your mailbox, calendar, email folders, etc. to Office 365. This migration is a seamless process that can happen even on weekdays, during working hours, and users can keep using email service during the process. To assist with migration and adoption, we will continuously offer information and training sessions to the community.
We plan to migrate departments, i.e. colleagues who work together, at the same time. We will start preparing a migration schedule based on the preferences of individual units shortly. Further information and details will be sent soon.