Transition Details for

Submitted by ITDepartment on Mon, 2015-02-09 16:52

The transition to will occur on our website and across all email addresses. Everyone’s email address will shift automatically to reflect this change; no action is required on your part. The one exception is for those who currently use a email address; these individuals have been contacted separately.  Details for everyone are outlined below.  Both the website and new email domain name will be fully active as of Feb 9.   


·         The email address will continue to receive emails indefinitely

·         As of February 9,

o   all emails sent by someone with a email address will switch to being sent from

o   any emails sent to will be received

·         No action is required in this transition. All emails (whether to or will be received and the switch to sending via will happen automatically

·         The first part of all email addresses will remain unchanged, and the ending will be Subdomains will also be used, according to the following chart:



User group

Faculty and Staff

MA students

PhD students

Business School

School of Public Policy

CEU Press


·         Those with a email address or alias are being contacted separately.

·         The transition will be implemented by the IT Department on Saturday, February 7, so minor, temporary issues may occur with some services on that day. We ask for your patience and understanding.

·         Any questions can be sent to IT at or x2000.



·         As of February 9, the CEU website will transition to as the primary domain name. If someone types in they will be seamlessly redirected to the site with the extension.

·         This switch will take place across all websites hosted on the current URL. The Web Team will keep the .hu extension operational for as long as necessary. However, new websites created after February 9 will only utilize the .edu extension.  

·         All current IT services will continue to be available on the current .hu and most will be available via the new .edu address (e.g.;;

·         Any questions can be sent to the Web Team at


Publications and Business Cards:

·         Effective immediately, any new publications (e.g. recruitment brochures, conference programs, etc) should include the address and email addresses ending in .edu. There is no need to reprint publications just to update the web address, since will continue to function.

·         Business cards will not be replaced, since the email and web address will continue to function; therefore cards should continue in circulation until they run out

·         For any questions on these matters, please contact Adri Bruckner, Director of Communications at or x3429.