Planned changes to the CEU WIFI system

Submitted by ITDepartment on Fri, 2014-12-12 16:37

We are happy to announce that a large-scale overall WiFi system upgrade is currently being implemented by the IT Department to increase coverage, speed and security. This upgrade includes replacing our current WiFi controller, and installing 80 additional access points around campus. In addition to improvements in currently covered areas, improved WiFi will be available in our newly populated buildings, the Wallenberg guesthouse and all floors of Kerepesi Dormitory.  In addition to increasing the coverage and speed of the WiFi network, these updates will enhance network security, and result in better overall WiFi performance.


The upgraded system will be in effect as of this Sunday (Dec 14 2014), and additional access points will be installed during upcoming weeks, still in this calendar year.  Stoppages in the WiFi system are expected tomorrow (Saturday, Dec 13 2014) due to the replacement of devices. As a result of these upgrades, there are several important changes regarding how to access the WiFi network for everyone, in all CEU buildings.

Changes in how to access the Wi-Fi network: 


· Open / ”anonymous” access to WiFi (LAPTOP_AREA and other similar networks in all buildings) will be discontinued. 


· ALL CEU community members will be required to log on to the network.  To log on, via the new network SSID (“CEU”), community members should enter their NOVELL USERNAME and PASSWORD.  After this is done once, it will be active across all CEU buildings.  Each personal device must be registered once, then the device will remember the login.


· The “eduroam” network will continue to be accessible to our community members from other partner institutions. Further info on Eduroam service here.


· For guest access (external library visitor, other external visitors, conference visitors etc.), a separate guest network called ”CEU Guest” will be available.  This network will have a general password for everyone in all buildings, which will be shared with guests (just like laptop_area in different buildings now). 


Notification reminders about how to access the Wi-Fi network will also be posted around campus. For more information, you can also visit If you have questions or experience problems connecting, please contact the IT helpdesk at ext. 2000 or at