Replacement of CEU's spam filter

As you probably know CEU has been using an open-source spam filter solution for the past few years. It has been a good option from financial perspective being open-source, and also it was very flexible and efficient most of the times. On the other hand, sometimes new spamming techniques appeared, and our filter had slow response times to adjust and filter these messages, causing annoying and even dangerous spam messages arriving to mailboxes.

During past months, we have tested a professional, commercial spam filter solution from Sophos, and this solution proved to be much more effective than our open-source one. Thus we have chosen to replace CEU’s main spam filter to this Sophos product (more information here).

The installation, configuration and testing happened in the past weeks, and the new solution will go live tomorrow (Tuesday, March 25 2014). The change will be seamless, you do not have to take any actions. You will see two changes - you will receive less spam, and the interface will have a new look. You will there have options to see and retrieve the messages the system filtered, and also adjust your allow and block list. This site will be accessible from outside of CEU network as well. Let me call your attention to a new feature available - you can request daily notification e-mails twice a day (at 9am and 4pm) listing your filtered messages. This is available under options ("Notify me periodically of messages that have been blocked.").

We believe that the new solution will be more effective, resulting in less spam arriving to your mailboxes.

If you have further questions, please get in touch with IT helpdesk at ext. 2000 or via helprequest @ .