Next step in implementing new mass-email policy

Submitted by ITDepartment on Mon, 2012-04-02 10:03

CEU is taking the next step in a process we began last fall to create better channels of communication for use by members of our university community. An earlier step was to create Discuss@CEU (, an online forum for informal communication among faculty, students, and staff. This discussion forum has been up and running for a few months by now, and it appears to be working properly.  With four content categories, Discuss@CEU serves multiple functions, including those covered previously by our GroupWise notice boards for students and faculty/staff. Anyone interested in being automatically notified of new postings on Discuss@CEU via their CEU email address can subscribe to individual discussion threads. Once again, the administration would like encourage all colleagues to use this new online platform, which was created to facilitate more internal discussions and interactions, thus serving as a community building tool.
The next step, as planned and announced earlier, is to restrict use of CEU’s mass email lists to designated personnel and the leadership of the Student Union for official purposes only.
Under the new regulations, access to mass faculty, student, and staff email lists is granted only to:
·         designated administrative offices for use in fulfilling their responsibilities; 
·         academic, research, and cultural units for announcing events of general community interest; and
·         the Student Union for making announcements judged appropriate for mass distribution by the Student Union board.
Last month, the heads of these units were invited to authorize key people in their organizations to use CEU’s mass distribution lists for these purposes. Beginning tomorrow, access to the lists is limited to the people whose names were submitted. At any time, unit heads may provide or revoke access to members of their organizations by submitting changes to
Access to more targeted email lists (for individual departments, etc.) is granted by the heads of the units in question.      
All email messages other than those using mass distribution lists are limited to 50 recipients each. 
This policy is very much in line with practices at other institutions of higher education. It does not prevent members of the CEU community from expressing their opinions or sharing information. It simply aims at channeling official and unofficial email to appropriate vehicles for the benefit of the entire community. 
Liviu Matei, COO