CEU online discussion forum: Discuss@CEU

In light of the increasingly apparent need for a dedicated discussion forum, we have created Discuss@CEU (https://discuss.ceu.edu), an online venue for informal interaction that is accessible by all current students, faculty, and staff. We hope that this new online platform will facilitate more internal discussions and interactions, thus serving as a community building tool.

With four content categories, Discuss@CEU will serve multiple functions, including those covered until now by our GroupWise notice boards for students and faculty/staff. Beginning today, messages sent to either notice board will receive an autoreply inviting the senders to post their items on Discuss@CEU.

Anyone interested in being automatically notified of new postings on Discuss@CEU via their CEU email address can subscribe to individual discussion threads.

The new forum’s content categories are:

  • General Discussion (open to all topics)
  • Lost & Found (supplementing physical L&F stations at the Nador 9 reception desk, CEU Library, and Computer Lab)
  • Personal Activity (social and cultural activities; buy, sell, rent; roommates, tickets, etc.)
  • Menus (including any daily specials) from five CEU-based restaurants: Nador 9 cafeteria; Dzsem@CEU (Faculty Tower); Central Bistro and Bar (Nador 13), Fruccola (Arany Janos u. 32 at OSA), and Kerepesi Dormitory Restaurant