New IP Telephones

Dear All,

I am glad to inform you that IT Department has successfully finished the replacement of CEU telephone system and office phone devices during the winter break.

Please find a quick-guide next to the new device on your desk, which should describe the new buttons and functions of your device. You can download complete user manuals for your phone model from the documents section of site

Basic phone services has not been changed, most important information:

- Your four digit phone extension has remained unchanged, and it can be seen on the upper right side of your device's display.
- You can reach CEU operator with picking up the receiver and dial 9.
- For internal calls, after picking up the receiver, you can dial the four digit CEU extension.
- For external calls, you have to dial 0 to get an external line, and then you can dial the external number with prefix 06 for Hungarian calls and prefix 00 for international calls (example dial 0 06 1 xxx-xxxx for a Budapest land-line, 0 06 30 xxx-xxxx for a Hungarian mobile, 0 00 1 xxx xxx xxxx for a US number). When initiating an external call, you might be prompted for an authorization code, here you have to enter your 6 digit code which you have used with the old system, and press #. (This was not needed with the old system).
- Your missed calls will be shown on the display. You can check a list of missed calls by pressing applications menu(globe) button / directories(book) button (depending on phone model) and then select missed calls.
- A red light is visible on the receiver and a message appears on the display if you have a voicemail message. To reach your voicemail, please press the applications menu(globe) button / messages(envelope) button (depending on phone model) and follow instructions. By default, the PIN code is '12345'. At first use, please change your PIN code to your personal choice. You can also find a quick-guide for voicemail usage on
- You can browse CEU directory for phone extensions, if you press applications menu(globe) button / directories(book) button (depending on phone model) , then press 5 or select "corporate directory". You can enter beginning or last name, first name or extension number using keypad like you were typing an SMS message, and then press submit. Results page will be displayed, where you can select the nem/number you were looking for and press dial to initiate the call.

During the upcoming months, IT Department will work on fine-tuning the system, making sure all new services are configured and communicated to improve the daily work of CEU community. Introducing the fax server and replacing the outdated fax devices to fax software will happen during January/February 2010 also.

Should you encounter any problems with your new phone or with PC network connection, please do not hesitate to contact IT helpdesk at extension #2000 . If you have any questions about functionality, please check the manuals on , or you can also send your questions/suggestions/feedback to . Thank you for your patience and co-operation during the replacement of phone system.

Best Regards,