Recent IT news

Dear All,
I would like to inform you what have happened at the IT Department during the last couple of months, and what our future plans are.
As of 1st of July, IT Department have successfully taken over the IT service providing at the Business School, replacing the former IT provider, Synergon. During the summer months, several IT-related improvements have been made at the Business School by us that hopefully will ease the everyday life there:
- significant increase of the internet connection bandwidth, from 10 Mb/s up to 100 Mb/s. With this, CEU BS now has a 10 times greater internet connection than before, and a more reliable connection which is linked in to the CEU network ( just like the Kerepesi dormitory and OSA ).

- the integration of the previously separated IT systems have made feasible a simplified access of the shared data on the CEU O: drive from the CEU BS, and vice versa
- significant increase of mailbox and file storage space limits
- CEU BS users can now log in on the dormitory, library and other CEU computers with their own accounts instead of a guest account

Now, as we have completed the IT-integration of the CEU BS, we will start working on the complete replacement of the 14 years old phone-system of the CEU.
Until the end of the year we will purchase and set up a new phone-center and we will replace all the old desktop phones, to let you start the new year with cutting edge, IP-based phone system, with brand new, modern desktop phones.
Yours sincerely,