PhD emails to change to "" on July 31, 2009

Dear PhD students,

The Student Union run a consultation among all PhD students with regard to switch of our emails from the ".hu" domain to ".edu" domain. The idea was supported so the SU formally requested it to be implemented and the CEU administration approved it. Now the IT department is ready to do it on July 31, 2009 as follows:

1. All PhD students can retain their existing emails ( and get an additional email in the format Emails send to both of these addresses will arrive seamlessly into
your single CEU mailbox (the one you are using now).

2. However, due to some technical limitations we would be able to send emails only from one address and that would be the new ".edu" address. All recipients of your emails would see it as coming From: Your Name <>).

This solution would provide for gradual transition from the old email to new ones. Your existing email ( would NOT be phased out so you can continue using it until the end of your studies. You would not have to change your email in any databases or on any printed materials.

Best regards,
Zdenek Kudrna, IT Department