E-learning Site (Moodle 2.8)

CEU's e-learning site is available at http://ceulearning.ceu.edu

General Information:
All CEU Students, Faculty and Staff members can log in with their Novell network username and password. (It is the same what you use to log in into CEU computers.)

You cannot change the password on the E-learning site, but if you change your Novell password, you have to use the new password for the E-learning site as well.

If you have any problems with this, please contact the CEU Helpdesk or call #2000

In case you need help with setting up a course or using the site in general, please contact the e-learning support person:
Gábor Ács
Phone: 327-3000 Ext. 2999


Guides in PDF:

PDF Student Guide 

Teaching Guides 

PDF Quick start 

PDF Forums 

PDF Assignments

PDF Turnitin

PDF Choice and Feedback 


Faq for Professors (Course editing)

         Course management

-    How to create a course?

-    Course accessibility (Enrolment key, Hidden course, Self-enrolment)

-    How to assign a co-teacher or TA? (or a student manually)

-    How to open the course for non-CEU users (Guests)

         Basic Course Editing

-    How to upload readings/materials?

-    How should I add text to the Course?

-    Visibility of Course Contents (readings, activities, sections)

-    How to communicate with students?

         Create activities (give tasks to students)

-    Potential student problems with Assignments (upload, modify)

-    Potential student problems With Turnitin Assignments (upload, modify)

-    Potential student problems with Forums (post, emails)


Faq for Students

-     Can't log in (CEU Users)

-     Can't log in (External users without a Novell account)

-     Change password (CEU Users)

-     Change / forgotten password (External users)

-     Course enrolment without Infosys enrolment

-     I enrolled on courses in Infosys, but can not see them in Moodle

-     Can not find a course in Moodle

-     Problem opening / downloading a PDF (reading)

-     Do not want to receive email messages from Forums

-     Can not find / upload an Assignment

-     Turnitin Feedback / Originality reports

-     How should I Copy / paste text from Ms Word?