E-learning Site (Moodle 2.8)

CEU's e-learning site is available at https://ceulearning.ceu.edu

General Information:
All CEU Students, Faculty and Staff members can log in with their Microsoft username (only the part of your email address in front of the @ sign, e.g.: averagej / average_joe) AND the Microsoft password. (It is NOT the same you use to log in into CEU computers)

You cannot change the password on the E-learning site, but if you change your Microsoft password, you have to use the new password for the E-learning site as well.

If you have any problems with this, please contact the CEU Helpdesk or call #2000

In case you need help with setting up a course or using the site in general, please contact the e-learning support person:
Gábor Ács
Phone: 327-3000 Ext. 2999


Guides in PDF:

PDF Student Guide 

Teaching Guides 

PDF Quick start 

PDF Forums 

PDF Assignments

PDF Turnitin

PDF Choice and Feedback 


Faq for Professors (Course editing)

         Course management

-    How to create a course?

-    Course accessibility (Enrolment key, Hidden course, Self-enrolment)

-    How to assign a co-teacher or TA? (or a student manually)

-    How to open the course for non-CEU users (Guests)

         Basic Course Editing

-    How to upload readings/materials?

-    How should I add text to the Course?

-    Visibility of Course Contents (readings, activities, sections)

-    How to communicate with students?

         Create activities (give tasks to students)

-    Potential student problems with Assignments (upload, modify)

-    Potential student problems With Turnitin Assignments (upload, modify)

-    Potential student problems with Forums (post, emails)


Faq for Students

-     Can't log in (CEU Users)

-     Can't log in (External users without a Novell account)

-     Change password (CEU Users)

-     Change / forgotten password (External users)

-     Course enrolment without Infosys enrolment

-     I enrolled on courses in Infosys, but can not see them in Moodle

-     Can not find a course in Moodle

-     Problem opening / downloading a PDF (reading)

-     Do not want to receive email messages from Forums

-     Can not find / upload an Assignment

-     Turnitin Feedback / Originality reports

-     How should I Copy / paste text from Ms Word?